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Touch Olympic Gold with Jennifer Botterill and CAA

Long before she won three Olympic gold medals and before she laced up her skates for the Canadian Women's Hockey Team, Jennifer Botterill volunteered as a CAA School Safety Patroller.

Jennifer Botterill shared her experiences as an Olympian, hockey player and a former school safety patroller during CAA's annual School Safety Patrol leadership camp held for soon to-be patrol captains.

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Q&A with Jennifer Botterill

During leadership camp, we had a chance to ask Jennifer questions about her experience as a CAA School Safety Patroller. Read below to see her responses.

CAA: When and where were you a patroller?
Jennifer Botterill: I was a foot patroller in grades 5 and 6 in Winnipeg, MB.

CAA: How did the CAA School Safety Patroller program prepare you for becoming a Women's Hockey Star/Olympic gold medallist?
Jennifer Botterill: It prepared me by teaching me many lessons. I learned about being a good leader, about bringing out the best in those around me, and about taking pride in my role.

CAA: What is your fondest memory of being a patroller?
Jennifer Botterill: My fondest memory is having the chance to help other students in my school. I took great pride in my role!

CAA: What is your fondest memory/moment of being an Olympian?
Jennifer Botterill: My fondest memory of being an Olympian is having the opportunity to share Olympic gold with our wonderful country of Canada. It was amazing to be a part of such a special team.

CAA: Any advice for patrollers/youth of today?
Jennifer Botterill: I encourage the youth and patrollers to enjoy this experience. They are true leaders and they should be proud of themselves. I also think it's important for them to have dreams to strive towards, and to believe in achieving those dreams!

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