TripTik® customized maps and routes

For decades, CAA has been providing customized, detailed maps and trip routings. TripTiks® are a free service for CAA Members.

Instantly create and print an online TripTik® Travel Planner using the exclusive AAA online map maker. TripTik® Travel Planners can also be produced by a CAA professional at all CAA Stores* or make them yourself at home.

Or, order the Classic TripTik® - a spiral-bound paper flip-map, including hand-marked routes and construction zones by calling Member Services at 1-866-286-9323.

TripTik® Travel Planner online »

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TripTik® features and benefits

  • Detailed, comprehensive auto routes within continental North America and Mexico (not available online), customized to meet individual Member needs
  • AAA recommended accommodations & campground locations, corresponding with AAA TourBooks
  • Mileage, highway types and classifications
  • Auto & passenger ferry crossings
  • Gas, food, lodging locations
  • Hospitals
  • Rest stops - specifying which ones have washrooms
  • Designated scenic highways
  • CAA & AAA offices enroute
  • Inserts - US/Canada border crossing information, 24 hour roadside assistance information, Trip Planning Expense & Reservations forms, North American Driving Regulations (not available online)
  • Visual maps and written directions
  • Detour & construction information
  • See local events that are taking place, including dates, prices and descriptions enroute
  • Locate restaurants, attractions, campgrounds, approved auto repair shops, Show Your Card & Save points of interest enroute

And more

When you use the online TripTik® Travel Planner at home, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Make hotel reservations online as you route your trip. See a photo of the property, its CAA/AAA diamond rating and featured amenities
  • Make a Hertz car rental reservation online as you route your trip
  • Check gasoline prices enroute (in the United States only)

How do I get a TripTik®?

Choose one of three convenient ways:

  1. Visit your local CAA Store to order a Classic TripTik®. Expect a 3 business day turnaround once the order is placed, or we can mail your Classic TripTik® to you. Please allow 10 days for delivery.
  2. Visit a CAA Store location* for a TripTik® Travel Planner while you wait.
  3. Create your own TripTik® Travel Planner online at home.