CAA RecycleDrive

For five years, Ontario Tire Stewardship and CAA teamed up to make it easy for community members to take part in the CAA RecycleDrive campaign. During this time, the campaign has collected and responsibly recycled over 13,000 batteries, 10,500 litres of oil and 11,500 tires.

As part of the campaign, the CAA Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) location that collected the most tires each year awarded a $20,000 revitalization package (including greenery and recycled rubber products) to a local school of their choice.

See how local schools and communities came together over the years to build something great for students:

2012 RecycleDrive Winner
Car Medics in Kingston wins an outdoor classroom for John Graves Simcoe Public School.

2013 RecycleDrive Winner
The Auto Guys, with the support of the St. Thomas community, collected a record-breaking number of tires to revitalize Elgin Court Public School.

Ontario Tire Stewardship's Used Tires Program.
Ontarians can recycle up to four tires for free, year-round, at registered collectors. Your used tires can be responsibly recycled into new, green products such as shingles, door mats, flooring and garden mulch.


When you drop your depleted household batteries off at a participating AARS location, they'll be recycled using the most efficient and sustainable recycling technology in the world today.

Raw Materials Company in Port Colborne, Ontario, mechanically separates and recovers 100% of the component materials for re-use in new products. Nothing is sent to a landfill.