Slow Down, Move Over.

Everyone deserves a safe place to work.

CAA has long advocated for the protection of motorists and roadside assistance workers through Slow Down, Move Over legislation.

In June 2015, the Ontario government passed the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act to help keep Ontario’s roads among the safest in North America.

One of the updates to the Highway Traffic Act is the extension of Slow Down, Move Over provisions to tow truck drivers. Every year, tow truck drivers are injured or killed by passing vehicles. CAA believes that these essential service workers have the right to work in safety.

According to the Act, when motorists approach an emergency vehicle with its red lights or red and blue lights flashing, they are required to slow down and, if safe to do so, move over. Motorists are also required to slow down and move over for tow trucks that are stopped at the side of the road with their amber lights flashing.

Current Penalties for Not Obeying Slow Down, Move Over Laws.

  Fine Demerit Points
First Offence $490 3
Subsequent Offences $1,000 - $4,000 3

CAA Cares About Road Safety.

Since 2010, CAA has worked with the Ontario government to extend the Slow Down, Move Over provision to tow truck drivers. In October 2012, we initiated a petition to the Ontario Legislature presenting 7,500 signatures supporting this initiative. We've also supported numerous bills that have attempted to incorporate this protection for tow truck drivers. We will continue to advocate for amendments to the Highway Traffic Act that better support motorists and those who work with them.