2011 Provincial Election Central

On Thursday, October 6, Ontarians will be casting ballots in the province's general election. A number of issues related to transportation are front and centre during this election. CAA's Government Relations team represents the interests of CAA Members to municipal and provincial governments, community groups and stakeholders. We aim to ensure the voice of CAA Members is heard by government, while keeping Members informed about the issues that affect them, including HST petition on gasoline and diesel sales, Slow Down and Move Over, and the Watch for Bikes program.

CAA has reviewed party platforms and identified each party's commitments on issues of transportation infrastructure, the environment and consumer protection.

CAA looks forward to working with both the incoming government and opposition parties to advance the interests of our Members across Ontario.

The Ontario Liberal Party unveiled their election platform entitled Forward. Together. Several items related to transportation were found within the party's commitments including expanding GO Transit train service to full-day, two-way service on all corridors. In addition, a money back guarantee would be provided to riders who experience a 15 minute arrival delay when using GO Transit train service. The Liberals also set a goal to have five percent of all cars be electric powered by 2020, while committing $80 million for electric vehicle recharging stations and related infrastructure.
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The Progressive Conservatives (PC) released their platform, entitled Changebook. In it, the Conservatives commit to creating a balanced transportation system, and utilize new technologies to reduce congestion. The party plans to invest over $35 billion in new infrastructure within the first three years of their term. Within Changebook, the PCs commit to giving municipalities additional tools to provide greater value for families in their community. One example is the Conservatives' pledge to give municipalities a greater share of the gas tax revenue to enable investments in roads, bridges, transit, and other infrastructure.
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Commitments in the New Democratic Party's (NDP) platform, entitled Plan for Affordable Change, include removing one percent of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) each year on the sale of gasoline and regulating gas prices to prevent daily changes in price. Under the gas regulation proposal, the NDP would instruct the Ontario Energy Board to set a gas price ceiling each week in an effort to protect consumers from experiencing rapid fluctuations in price.
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The Green Party of Ontario's election platform concentrates on a five-point plan for Ontario's future. One of the five points focuses on safe, affordable energy to power communities, which includes a detailed sustainable transportation plan. The Green Party commits to creating a $200 million fund for municipalities to invest in safe roads and complete streets - including pedestrians, cyclists and transit, while also establishing additional high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to encourage car-pooling and faster commute times.
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For more information on each party's platform, please follow the links below. Platforms are a good source of additional information on important election issues like education, healthcare and the economy.

Liberal Party

PC Party


Green Party of Ontario

We encourage our Members to share their thoughts on transportation issues, particularly as they relate to the election. You can contact CAA's Government Relations team at, and follow CAA South Central Ontario on Twitter at