• Make your team's next away trip, a way better experience.


RoadWins: Making Tournaments Victorious

RoadWins™ is for teams and tournaments. Recognizing the dedication involved in putting a child into organized sports, and the amount of planning involved in games and tournaments away from home, CAA South Central Ontario’s sponsorship program is dedicated to you, your kids and their teams.

We believe that road trips can be victorious before the games are even played. We can help plan your route, get great deals on hotels, restaurants and gas stations, both to and from your tournament. This is the approach behind RoadWins; tools, tips, discounts and benefits to make your team’s away experience a way better one.

Check us out on Facebook, where your team can build online communities and excitement prior to your tournament. Find things like checklists, team cheers and photography tips to help you get in game mode. After the tournament is over, share your experiences, upload photos and videos and more.

Let our ideas inspire you and your team. Let our experts help make the road trip as easy as possible. Let RoadWins make your tournament a success before the games begin!

Tournaments for 2013:

August 9-11, 2013:
Heart of York Summer Classic Tournament

Past Tournaments:

Toronto Wolverines - CAA Cup

Heart of York Summer Classic Tournament

RoadWins is a trademark of CAA South Central Ontario.