Status of Top 20 Worst Roads 2009

Cone in pothole

Top 20 Worst Roads of 2009 are being repaired.

Check out the list below for the details on the improvements being done.

Name of Road Municipality Road Condition/Status
1. Steeles Ave.
City of Toronto
Major road reconstruction and resurfacing:
  • From Kennedy Rd. to Hilda Ave.
  • From Dufferin St. to Albion Rd.
Expected completion in 2010
2. Ritson Rd.
City of Oshawa
Major road reconstruction:
  • From Bloor St. northerly to the CP overpass
Expected completion in 2010
3. Burlington St.
City of Hamilton
Road rehabilitation approved:
  • From Birch Ave. to 450m east of Ottawa St.
Tentatively scheduled work for 2011
4. Palmer Rd.
City of Belleville
Redesign and reconstruction
Expected completion in 2010
5. Finch Ave.
City of Toronto
Major road reconstruction and resurfacing:
  • From Chesswood Dr. to Keele St.
  • From Bayview Ave. to Leslie St.
Expected completion in 2010
6. Dufferin St.
City of Toronto
Road Work deferred until the Dufferin St. Jog Elimination is completed
7. Carling Ave.
City of Ottawa
Road was rehabilitated:
  • In 2006 from Woodroffe Ave. to Kirkwood Ave.
  • In 2007 from Merivale Rd. to Melrose Ave.
  • In 2008 from Melrose Ave. to Preston St.
The rehabilitation of Carling Ave. from the O-Train Bridge west of Preston St. to Bronson Ave. has been identified for design in 2010 as an integrated project (including water, sewers and road rehabilitation)

More rehabilitation projects are planned and are currently being evaluated
8. Vermillion Lake Rd.
City of Greater Sudbury
Ongoing road maintenance
9. Lawrence Ave.
City of Toronto
Major Road reconstruction and resurfacing:
  • From Yonge St. to Englemount Ave.
Expected completion in 2010
10. St. Clair Ave.
City of Toronto
Road work slated:
  • Between Funns Rd. to Runnymede Rd
Commencing summer 2010
11. Riverside Dr.
City of Ottawa
Road rehabilitation and resurfacing:
  • From Hog's Back Rd. to Bank St.
Work to commence in 2010
12. Brock St.
City of Kingston
Base asphalt surfacing completed in 2009:
  • From Clergy St. to Alfred St.
Surface asphalt to be completed in 2010
13. Victoria Park Ave.
City of Toronto
Major road reconstruction and resurfacing:
  • From Lawrence Ave. to Highway 401
Expected completion in 2010
14. Regent St.
City of Greater Sudbury
Upgrades and widening. Some completion in 2010, remainder in 2011:
  • From Caswell Dr. and Walford Rd.
15. Highway 401
Road work construction starting 2010 includes:
  • Hwy 401: New interchange constructed at Stevenson Rd. in Oshawa
  • Hogg's Hollow and Yonge St. Express Lanes
  • Ramp from Hwy 401 WB express lanes to 404/ DVP
  • Reconstruction and widening of Hwy 401 WB collector from Jane St. to Kipling Ave.
16. Wharncliffe/
Western Rd.
City of London
Road rehabilitation scheduled work for 3.7 km of the Western / Wharncliffe corridor with half of this occurring in 2010.
  • From Riverside Dr. to Horton St.
  • From Base Line Rd. to Belmont Dr.
17. Wellington St.
City of St. Thomas
Road reconstruction:
  • From Stanley St. to Princess Ave.
Expected completion in 2010
18. Kingston Rd.
City of Toronto
Work has been deferred pending the completion of City's Transit Environmental Assessment Study
19. Denistoun St.
City of Welland
Road work slated:
  • From West Main St. to Lincoln St.
Commencing summer 2010
20. Eglinton Ave.
City of Toronto
Road construction completed in 2009:
  • From Bayview Ave. to Laird Dr.

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