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Auto Maintenance

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Regular vehicle maintenance is par for the course when you own a vehicle. You should also be prepared for those unexpected breakdowns. Whether it's a scheduled oil change or an emergency repair, you're always in good hands with CAA services.

Vehicle Inspection
CAA Vehicle Inspections

Emissions testing, engine performance evaluation and complete vehicle inspections. Get a
CAA Vehicle Inspection before your car warranty expires, before heading off on
a road trip and before purchasing any
used vehicle.

Mobile Lube 'N' Go
Seasonal Car Care

In our climate, you know to expect hot summers and frigid winters. But what you might not know is how these extreme climates can affect your vehicle. Before the weather shifts, keep these smart tips
in mind.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

With our handy at-a-glance checklist, you can easily stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Just download, print and review from time
to time.

Contact CAA Consumer and Technical Services (CATS)

Do you have other automotive-related questions? Contact the Consumer and Technical Services (CATS) department for more information.

Get on your way with Battery Service

Dead battery? This service will get you going with battery boosting or replacement at exclusive Member pricing.