Creating your short list

After you've narrowed down your options to a few prospective vehicles, it's time to start your research. Consider:

  • Model ratings
  • Reliability information
  • Crash ratings
  • Fuel economy reports
  • Owner satisfaction
Model Ratings

Compare like vehicles, weighing their options, pricing, benefits and drawbacks. You can also visit the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada (AJAC) web site for performance ratings on new models.

Reliability Information

Many people purchasing new vehicles do so for the peace-of-mind that a new vehicle offers. As the first owner of the vehicle, you know exactly when it has been serviced, what problems the vehicle has encountered and whether or not regular maintenance has been performed. When looking at new vehicles, it makes sense to look to the professionals for their opinions. Websites like Consumer Reports and can help, with detailed reviews of many new vehicles.

Crash ratings

Find out what the vehicle's crashworthiness rating is by visiting the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's) websites.

Fuel efficiency

Is the vehicle good on gas? Natural Resources Canada provides a comprehensive list of vehicles ranked according to their fuel efficiency. Search by year, manufacturer or type of fuel to find the best fit for you.

Owner Satisfaction

When buying a new car, it is always important to look to the advice of others who have gone before you. There are a wide variety of websites offering user reviews of new vehicles, including popular destinations like and Canadian Driver.