Taking delivery

After a lengthy process, you've finally reached the end of the road - your new car has arrived! Unfortunately, you'll need to contain your excitement for a few more moments as you go over the final details.

Inspect the vehicle before taking delivery to ensure it is equipped with all the features and options you have selected and its meets your approval. If there are defects, ensure the dealer addresses them to your satisfaction before taking delivery.

Next, read the owner's manual to understand how things work. All new cars are not equal and yours may or may not have options that work differently than your current car. Also, reading the owner's manual is a great way to remember the options you've ordered. For instance, a rear-view mirror with compass may be an easily overlooked option at first, but a simple reference in the owner's manual should jog your memory.

In the long run, once you have done your homework, you will be much happier with your new vehicle purchase.

Before you buy

Before you buy

You've narrowed down your options and you're ready to make your purchase. But wait! Before you take that final step, make sure you feel comfortable with your dealer and make sure you're getting the best price. Read more: