Corporate/Fleet Training


CAA understands the stresses organizations face on a daily basis - especially when it comes to fleet vehicles. With rising insurance costs, vehicle replacement costs and employee absences from work due to injuries related to collisions, organizations may discover significant cost savings through fleet driver training programs. CAA believes prevention is the best way to battle the financial burdens that can stem from operating a fleet. Join the many organizations that have relied on CAA to help their staff become safe and knowledgeable drivers.

Corporate driving programs

CAA offers a wide range of driving training courses and seminars geared towards corporations. These include:

  • CAA Driver Awareness program (3 hours theory & 1 hour in-car assessment)
  • Driver Distraction seminar (2 hours theory)
  • Winter Driving seminar (1 hour theory)
  • Defensive Driving seminar (1 hour theory)
  • Winter Driving/Defensive Driving seminar (2 hours theory)
  • Stranded Driver

Custom courses are also available upon request.

Register or learn more

To register for one of our corporate driving courses, to learn about customizing a course or to get pricing information, simply contact us about driver training.

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Driver training products

Get a jumpstart on your driver training with study guides and handbooks that can help you on the road.

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