Licence Services

Even long-time Members don't always realize the number of services CAA provides. Case in point is our Commissioners of Oath. When you need a sworn statement for an automotive transaction, like giving a used car to a family member, you'll find CAA has at least one commissioner of oath on duty Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm at both our 2 Licence Issuing Offices. For Saturday services, call our Licence Services ahead of time to make arrangements.

More terminals mean quicker, more efficient service. In response to high volumes CAA South Central Ontario is pleased to inform you that our 163 Centennial location has five terminals and 393 Main Street has seven terminals in order to provide more efficient service. The added capacity means short lines for both public and dealer services.

In addition to our Sworn Statement Customer Service, please note the following other great products and services available to you:

  • Licence Protective Plates
  • Driver Licence Handbooks
  • Driver Licence Interactive CDs
  • Dealer Plate covers

We have many more vehicle related products and services for you to choose from. Please feel free to visit a location closest to you.