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Andrew Raven

Andrew Raven Writer

Andrew Raven is a print and broadcast journalist who has spent a decade-plus covering news and current affairs from around the world. Now based in Toronto, he is a contributing writer to CAA Magazine. Before moving to the Big Smoke, he spent five years in Egypt where he covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath for the Reuters news agency and other media organizations. That followed stints in Singapore, Vietnam and Canada's Far North.

A battery is shown hooked up to a black and red testing device and a hand pushes coloured buttons

How to Make Sure Your Car Battery Doesn’t Die this Winter

These expert tips will prevent your battery from dying once the mercury starts plummeting

A black traffic light illuminating a green leaf cannabis symbol.

Driving High? It Could Cost You Big Time in Ontario

Cannabis-impaired driving is a growing concern, a CAA survey finds

Two square black and yellow signal lights attached to a grey street post with the pedestrian walk sign illuminated in white at the top. There is a second set of yellow and black signal lights facing to the right on the same pole. Behind is a row of red and white buildings and a high rise apartment.

How York Region Is Improving Pedestrian and Cyclist Road Safety

York Region, north of Toronto, is giving makeovers to junctions so they’re safer for cyclists and pedestrians

The upper lights of a school bus. The school bus is yellow with the words school bus written in black capital letters in the centre front of the bus with two circular red lights on either side. There are three amber lights on the top centre of the bus. A horn is fixed to the top right on the roof. You can see the top of the front windshield at the bottom and a blue background behind.

Ontario School Buses Get New Lights To Improve Safety for Students

How the province is tackling dangerous driving around school buses

On the left, a profile of the passenger door and mirror of a black car, driving on a street past several white vehicles on the right, which are blurry to show a fast rate of speed. Blurry trees can be seen in the background.

Stunt Drivers Beware: The Penalty for Speeding Has Gone Up

Ontario introduces new laws for street racing and excessive speeding

An extreme close up of some asphalt with multiple cracks in it, which run the length of the image.

2022 Ontario's Worst Roads Campaign Results

The province has spoken. CAA’s annual poll once again highlights Hamilton as needing street repairs.

An illustration of a man with black hair, wearing a blue shirt sitting in a car with grey seats. He is using his left hand to reach across to his door handle and look out the window of his car. On the road outside of the car is a cyclist on a blue bike. He is wearing black pants and sneakers, with a grey shirt with a yellow vest and a black helmet with a yellow brim.

How Using the Dutch Reach When Exiting a Car Can Save Lives

Police say this technique can help prevent injuries to passing bike riders

A close up of the side of a burgundy sedan. A view of a person wearing dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt with neon green stripes around the legs and on the short sleeve of the arm is visible. The person has gloves on and is leaning over the side of the car, next to the front tire. There is a white tow truck in front of the car.

What’s the Slow Down, Move Over Law and Why Is It Important?

This Ontario law requires motorists to give space to tow operators on the side of the road