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Andrew Raven

Andrew Raven Writer

Andrew Raven is a print and broadcast journalist who has spent a decade-plus covering news and current affairs from around the world. Now based in Toronto, he is a contributing writer to CAA Magazine. Before moving to the Big Smoke, he spent five years in Egypt where he covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath for the Reuters news agency and other media organizations. That followed stints in Singapore, Vietnam and Canada's Far North.

A close up of the rear of a bicycle on the road. There is slushy snow on the ground that is being kicked up by the rear tire. The rider is wearing brown boots and black pants.

How to Stay Safe While Bike Riding This Winter

These four tips will have you happily cycling through the snow

A woman wearing a white sweater and a Santa hat is sitting in the driver seat wearing a seat belt.

Experts Remind Us to Drive Safe and Sober This Holiday Season

As seasonal gatherings resume, road safety advocates are urging drivers to steer clear of alcohol and drugs

A red and neon orange hazard triangle is on a snowy road. There is a silver car in the background with a person standing in front of the car.

How to Stay Safe if Your Car Breaks Down This Winter

If your car breaks down in sub-zero temperatures, here’s what you should do until help arrives

A close up view of a person with one hand on a steering wheel, and in their other hand they are holding a cellphone.

4 Things to Know About Distracted Driving in Ontario

From the penalties to the possible consequences, here’s what you need to know about an offence road safety experts say is all too common

A woman with long brown hair wearing a beige coat and a black backpack holding a bright yellow umbrella. She is standing at a crosswalk that looks wet. There is a blue city bus behind her stopped at an intersection.

How to Keep All Road Users Safe This Fall

Experts share tips on how to minimize collisions between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as the daylight hours wane

Side profiles of two blurred cars against a purple background. There is a silver car in the background, and a black sedan parallel to it with its headlights on.

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Stunt Driving Laws

From steep fines to lifetime driving bans, Ontario now has harsher penalties for street racing and excessive speeding

A line of young, elementary school-aged students, stand in front of a door wearing backpacks and masks.

Why One London Teacher Continued Promoting Road Safety Amid Covid-19

A W. Sherwood Fox Public School teacher has been named CAA’s School Safety Patrol Supervisor of the Year for her pandemic-friendly update to the program

Five school-aged kids leaving the front entrance of a building, each wearing backpacks and a mask. The boy in the centre is wearing glasses and is carrying a red and black soccer ball.

How a Grade 6 Student From Guelph Kept His Community Safe

Suhaib Khtab Khalel was named CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year for his dedication amidst the Covid-19 pandemic