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Andrew Raven

Andrew Raven Writer

Andrew Raven is a print and broadcast journalist who has spent a decade-plus covering news and current affairs from around the world. Now based in Toronto, he is a contributing writer to CAA Magazine. Before moving to the Big Smoke, he spent five years in Egypt where he covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath for the Reuters news agency and other media organizations. That followed stints in Singapore, Vietnam and Canada's Far North.

Side profiles of two blurred cars against a purple background. There is a silver car in the background, and a black sedan parallel to it with its headlights on.

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Stunt Driving Laws

From steep fines to lifetime driving bans, Ontario now has harsher penalties for street racing and excessive speeding

A line of young, elementary school-aged students, stand in front of a door wearing backpacks and masks.

Why One London Teacher Continued Promoting Road Safety Amid Covid-19

A W. Sherwood Fox Public School teacher has been named CAA’s School Safety Patrol Supervisor of the Year for her pandemic-friendly update to the program

Five school-aged kids leaving the front entrance of a building, each wearing backpacks and a mask. The boy in the centre is wearing glasses and is carrying a red and black soccer ball.

How a Grade 6 Student From Guelph Kept His Community Safe

Suhaib Khtab Khalel was named CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year for his dedication amidst the Covid-19 pandemic


Eight Things to Know About the Self-Driving Shuttles Coming to Whitby

This town in Durham Region is on the verge of launching the first transit service of its kind in the country

A woman squatting next to the rear wheels of a car holding a soapy yellow sponge scrubbing at the rims of a tire with a pink bucket next to her.

How to Prepare Your Car So It’s Ready for Summer

Warm weather can take a toll on your car, just as cold weather can. Make sure you perform a seasonal maintenance check to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.

A woman on a bike stands next to a lake with a cityscape in the background

Big Changes are Coming to Toronto’s Streets This Summer

The city is planning to build bike lanes and close major roads in a push towards greener and healthier modes of transportation

John Kimove is shown standing next to his tow truck

Why Drivers Must Slow Down When Passing Tow Trucks

Road safety advocates are reminding drivers to slow down and move over for tow truck operators

Two cars are shown racing at night on a purple background

How the Ontario Government is Addressing the Rise of Stunt Driving

Increasingly more drivers in Ontario have been engaging in excessive speeding and street racing