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David McPherson

Dave McPherson Writer

David is President/Chief Creative Officer of McPherson Communications — a writing and PR business that specializes in golf and music. Since attending his first rock concert in 1989 (The Who) and buying his first LP (Freeze Frame by The J. Geils Band), music has become "the elixir of his life." With more than 18,000 songs on his iPod, and an ever-growing vintage vinyl collection, it's a joy for him to discover new music. A regular contributor to Words + Music, Canadian Cycling, Hamilton Magazine, and many other publications, he loves writing snippets of poetry on any scrap of paper he can find. David vows this is the year he will compose his first song. September 2017 sees Dundurn Press publishing David’s first non-fiction book – The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History. When not agonizing over the perfect sentence, the wordsmith loves spending time with his wife and two children. Follow @mcphersoncomm

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