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Matthew Guy

Matthew Guy Writer

Living in rural Nova Scotia, Matthew Guy has immersed himself in car culture for over 30 years and relishes the thought of a good road trip. A lifelong gearhead, he enjoys professionally writing about cars and is very pleased to contribute for CAA. His work has also appeared on wheels.ca, Car Throttle, and The Truth About Cars.

A calculator with the number at 0 is sitting on top of a car loan application form. There is also a pen on top of the form.

Is it Better to Finance Your Car with the Dealership or a Bank?

Understanding what your options are when it comes to financing a vehicle

A man in a navy suit wearing a mask is handing over a small black item to another man wearing a button up blue shirt, who is also wearing a mask. There is a woman wearing a white striped button up shirt with her arms around the man in the blue shirt. Behind them is a car showroom.

How OMVIC Can Help You Buy a Car With Confidence

In the market for a new vehicle? OMVIC can help you learn your rights as a car buyer

A person dressed in a red coat with black leggings, knee-high brown boots and brown mittens is holding a black shovel in their hands.  There is snow all around them.

How to Choose the Best Snow Shovel for Your Needs

Not all shovels are made equal. Here are three things to consider when shopping for a snow shovel this season

A man with silver hair wearing a light blue button up shirt and jeans, wearing a mask, is sitting in a car. He has a seat belt on and is looking at the steering wheel. There is another man standing behind him with an open car door wearing a white button up shirt and a bright blue suit.

Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Shop for a New Vehicle

Here’s why the end of the year is typically the best time to buy a new car

A man wearing a grey toque and a yellow safety sweater with the CAA logo is kneeling next to a blue SUV. He is holding a wrench with his hands that is positioned on the front driver tire of the car. Next to the SUV on the driveway is a white truck.

How CAA’s Mobile Tire Change Can Help You Save Time

Let CAA’s expert technicians come to you to swap your tires

Two people, a man and a woman, sitting in red camping chairs in front of a camping stove. There is a picnic table behind them as well as a large grey and white RV parked behind them.

Five Important Tips for Your First RV Camping Adventure

Before you head out in your RV, here’s what you should know and how to prepare

A pair of hands are positioned over the front passenger side wheels. One hand is placed on the rubber part of the tire, and the other hand is on the rims.

Three Important Things to Know About Your Tires

Extend the life of your car with these tire tips

A man in a plaid shirt washes his car outdoors

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

We ask a CAA Auto Advisor for tips on how to keep your car clean inside and out