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A white car charger plugged into the outlet of an electric vehicle.

How Long do Electric Car Batteries Last?

Here are the facts about longevity and EV battery replacement costs

A person wearing a grey long sleeve sweater holds a green bottle of brown fluid over a car's open hood, pouring the liquid into a funnel leading into a part of the car's engine.

Road Ready: Winter Driving Done Right

Advice for young drivers facing their first winter on the road

An illustration of a sparkling red car being shielded from rain by a hand holding a black umbrella.

Keep on Driving: Lengthen Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

With preventive maintenance and precise mechanical repairs, your vehicle can last longer than you think

A red Tesla driving down a long road through snowy cliffs.

Ice, Snow and EVs

Real-world conditions reveal cold facts about EV battery

Dark green cannabis leaves in a dark area.

The Truths about Cannabis and Driving

The results of a CAA survey on driving under the influence of cannabis

A hand holding a black drawing of a car on a piece of cardboard. The cardboard is wrinkled and cut out to outline the drawing.

Get Your CAA Auto Insurance Working for You

Is your auto insurance keeping pace? It may be time to shift gears

A full parking lot in the late afternoon, with the light from the setting sun shining on all the cars.

Over Extended

Sales ploys pushing extra warranties can be high-pressure, but most car buyers should shy away

A person walking in the middle of a street covered in snow. Cars line the street that are also covered in snow, and there is snow falling.

Safe On The Road

Stay safe on the road this season, whether you’re driving, biking or walking

An illustration of two people wearing winter hats, sitting inside of a blue car driving during a snowfall.

Rolling Into Winter

Here’s how to ensure your vehicle is ready for cooler temperatures and icy roads, using your CAA Membership