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A woman is shown in the driver's seat on a sunny day

The Best Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Here are six easy things you can do to lower your car insurance rates

A woman sits on a lawn chair next to an RV in the woods

What you need to know about renting vs. buying an RV

If you’re planning an RV trip in the future, we can help you determine if RV ownership is right for your family, or if you should rent one instead

A man in a car wears a mask and holds up a key fob

What You Need to Know About Shopping for a Car During a Pandemic

A global pandemic has changed how car dealerships operate. Here’s what you can expect if you’re in the market for a new vehicle.

A traffic signal shows a green light shaped like a bicycle

Everything You Need to Know About Vision Zero

Vision Zero, which calls on cities to design roads that are safer for all users, particularly the most vulnerable, is being adopted across Ontario

A CAA Roadside Assistance truck is shown in the driveway of a home, where a CAA mechanic changes the tire of a blue SUV

Enjoy the Benefits of an Associate Membership

Adding other drivers from your household to your CAA Membership ensures that everyone has the same peace of mind behind the wheel

A person rides a snowmobile with trees in the background in the winter

What You Need to Know About Owning a Snowmobile

Everything a new snowmobiler needs to know—before hitting the trails

A snowy rural road is shown with a yellow caution sign that shows a car skidding

How to Safely Steer Out of a Skid

Four tips on how to get a grip on a slippery situation when driving during the wintertime

A battery is shown hooked up to a black and red testing device and a hand pushes coloured buttons

How to Make Sure Your Car Battery Doesn’t Die this Winter

These expert tips will prevent your battery from dying once the mercury starts plummeting

A row of bike tires covered in snow is shown

How to Safely Ride Your Bike Through the Winter

These four tips will have you happily cycling through the snow