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Cast Your Vote for the Worst Road in the Province This Year

Make your voice heard as CAA launches the 2019 Worst Roads campaign

Costruction site on a sunny day, with worker in orange vest and white hard hat drilling a hole in the road and several workers seen at work behind him

Spring brings the return of CAA’s Worst Roads campaign. This annual campaign gives Ontarians a chance to make our roads safer by helping different levels of government understand what road improvements are important to citizens and where they need to be made.

Why you should vote in the Worst Roads campaign

Now in its 16th year, the Worst Roads campaign gives Ontarians the opportunity to nominate roads they believe are in urgent need of repair.

A recent survey of Ontarians commissioned by CAA revealed that while 71 per cent of respondents are concerned about the condition of our roads, 67 per cent didn’t do anything about it, such as calling their local public works department.

Whether you’re a driver, cyclist, transit rider or pedestrian, it’s important that we hear from you during the campaign.

What past Worst Roads campaigns have achieved

Thanks to the influence of past campaigns, repaving and repair work have been done on many of the roads on Ontario’s Worst Roads list, including:

  • Algonquin Blvd., Timmins
  • Bunting Rd., St. Catharines
  • Burlington St. E., Hamilton
  • Duckworth St., Barrie
  • Dufferin St., Toronto
  • Limebank Rd., Ottawa

What qualifies roads to be on the Worst Roads list

Any road in Ontario can be nominated as long as it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Congested with traffic
  • Has potholes or crumbling pavement
  • Lacks road signs or road markings
  • No cycling infrastructure (i.e., no bike lanes)
  • Poor cycling infrastructure (i.e., an obstructed bike lane)
  • No walking infrastructure (i.e., no sidewalks)
  • Poor walking infrastructure (i.e., an obstructed sidewalk)
  • Lack of infrastructure or unsafe infrastructure for crossing the road

What happens after the campaign

CAA shares the results of its Worst Roads campaign with politicians and key industry stakeholders. The information gathered through the campaign helps governments understand the challenges road users face in communities across the province. It also reinforces the need for ongoing investment in infrastructure from all levels of government.

We are all road users and we all want safer roads. This is the foundation of many of the initiatives we undertake on behalf of our Members and all Ontarians here at CAA.

Your voice matters—vote now!

Voting is open through April 26, 2019, at caaworstroads.com.

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