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Here’s How CAA is Helping to Improve Safety for Everyone

CAA is launching a new campaign to make getting from A to B that much safer

Children crossing the street in autumn

For 117 years, CAA South Central Ontario has been helping to make this province’s roads safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. And with the world of transportation changing faster than ever, we’ve got no intention of letting up. That’s why we’re launching the CAA Safe Travels™ campaign. It’s designed to raise awareness about the advocacy work we do and to explore our Members’ priorities for the future. Do you want to see more bike lanes? Are you worried about the rise of autonomous cars? We want to hear your thoughts on those issues and many more. Feedback from our members has been the driving force behind some of CAA’s most-influential advocacy campaigns, like the following.

CAA pushed for some of the first speed limits

In 1903, the Toronto Automobile Club (which later became CAA) advocated for a 10-mph speed limit.

CAA launched a program to safeguard schoolchildren

The organization debuted the School Safety Patrol® program in 1929, helping to make Ontario’s school zones safer.

CAA led the call for seatbelts

In 1962, CAA pushed lawmakers to make seat belts mandatory.

CAA casts a spotlight on Ontario’s worst roads

The organization launched its Worst Roads campaign in 2009, which to this day pushes municipalities to fix Ontario streets most in need of repair.

CAA lobbied for distracted driving laws

With CAA’s support, in 2009 Ontario banned the use of hand-held electronic devices while driving.

CAA pushes for rules against driving while high

In 2020, CAA continues to be a thought leader in raising awareness about the dangers of cannabis-impaired driving.

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Check out Safe Travels, made possible with CAA Advocacy to read about other initiatives we're working on.

Image Credit: iStock.com/Manonallard