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Car Maintenance Advice from A CAA Expert

Follow these pro tips and your vehicle will be primed for the warm weather

A man vacuums the interior of his car

Your car survived a long, cold winter and has also likely spent more time than usual parked for long periods. To make sure your ride is fit for the summer, follow this tried-and-true checklist from Ryan Peterson, one of CAA’s automotive experts.

Get a mechanical inspection

To make sure everything is in good working order, bring your car in for CAA’s 139-point Vehicle Inspection Service, available at any CAA-Approved Auto Repair Services facility. If you’ve been putting off routine work—like oil changes or brake jobs—they can help with all of that too.

As an essential service, garage and repair shops are still open during COVID-19, but call ahead to ask about any new physical distancing protocols that you may need to follow.

Make the outside shine

To banish a winter’s worth of dirt and salt, wash your vehicle's exterior with a car shampoo such as Krown Premium Wash & Wax. Avoid dish soap and other household cleaners; they can wreck your car’s finish.

If you’d prefer to outsource the job, a drive-through touchless car wash with an undercarriage bath is a good option.

Give the inside a deep clean

For the doors and dashboard, use a cleaner such as Krown Supreme Leather & Vinyl Vitalizer. Alternatively, you can make your own by mixing five tablespoons of vinegar to one litre of warm water. For the floors, apply a foaming carpet cleaner, such as Krown Spot & Stain Remover, then suck away the dirt with what’s known as a steam extractor. You can typically rent them from big box stores for about $30 a day.

Test your battery

The extreme heat of summer can wreak havoc on the sensitive innards of batteries, pushing them to the brink of failure. If your battery is labouring or more than five years old, consider calling CAA’s mobile Battery Service. A technician will come to you and test the battery, free of charge. If it needs replacing, they can sell you a new one—Members even save $25 on the price of a CAA Premium Battery—and replace it on the spot.

Lastly, remember that it’s always worth the time, effort and money it takes to keep your vehicle in good condition. A well-maintained car is less prone to breakdowns, runs better and will have a higher resale value.

Get more with CAA

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Plus, if you’ve got a car question, call or email CAA’s Auto Advice team. A free service for Members, the team can help you navigate buying and selling vehicles and so much more.

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