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Find Out How to Get a Free Car Battery Test

Get ready for winter by ensuring that your car battery is in working condition

A battery is shown being tested to gauge it's overall health

Most drivers know the cold Canadian winter months cause problems for their car's battery. But the issues creating a lack of starting power on a frigid morning may actually have their roots in conditions your car experienced in the middle of summer.

Where battery problems may start

While it’s absolutely true that cold temperatures and extra electrical demands on startup can do a number on a vehicle battery, it has also been proven that excessive heat can wreck its sensitive internal liquids. Hot environments, such as those found under a car's hood on a summer day, can also speed up battery corrosion and harm its internal structures. Batteries already weakened by warm weather are prime candidates for failure when conditions turn cold.

That's why CAA has created the Mobile Battery Roadshow, as part of their Charge Into Winter campaign. These battery tests being held this autumn at five different locations—Hamilton, Burlington, Orangeville, Barrie and Oshawa—will proactively identify failures before our Members get stuck on the road or in a parking lot.

How to get a free battery test

Beginning on October 9, the Mobile Battery Roadshow will provide Members with free, on-location battery tests and offer on-the-spot battery replacement if necessary. Experienced professionals will perform a five-minute test in a safe and contactless drive-thru format, answer Member questions and, if required, expertly install a new battery.

And don't worry—this won’t count towards the four valuable service calls that are part of every CAA Membership.

Why batteries are so important

The oft-forgotten car battery acts as an important power reserve, initially tasked with supplying necessary electricity to the vehicle’s starting motor, which then cranks the engine to life with each push of the starter button. During this process, the ignition system also receives power from the car's battery. Making sure it is in top shape is a key component to enjoying a winter of stress-free driving.

Get more with CAA

Can’t make it to one of our Mobile Battery Roadshow events, but still want to have your battery checked? CAA’s mobile Battery Service can come to you. Click here to book an appointment today.

Image credit: iStock.com/SARINYAPINNGAM