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Everything You Need to Know About CAA’s Worst Roads

With the CAA Worst Roads campaign set to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Ontario, here’s a look at what it’s achieved so far

Orange pylon cone with white stripe in the middle blocks off dangerous parts of the road

Road blocked off by a pylon

When CAA launched its Worst Roads campaign in 2003, the goal was simple: call attention to Ontario’s most neglected streets and, hopefully, spur officials to fix them. Well, the plan is definitely working. Over the past 15 years, governments have overhauled several roads that have made our annual list, filling potholes, improving signage and easing congestion.

From Toronto to Ottawa, streets are getting a makeover

Improvements to Ontario's Worst Roads chart by roads and cities

Making progress

The 2017 campaign found there was still work to be done across the province.

  • Over 3,000 roads in Ontario were nominated as a worst road.
  • 87% of people surveyed said road conditions were either worse or the same as in 2016.
  • 85% of people said potholes and crumbling pavement were the reason they nominated a road as Ontario’s worst.
  • Burlington St. East in Hamilton has made the cut nine times.

Have your say!

Know a road that’s in need of improvement? This March, join the voting and lend your support to the 2018 Worst Roads campaign.

Whether it’s cycling safety or raising awareness about distracted driving, CAA advocates on behalf of its Members about road safety issues that impact them.

Image credit: iStock/sarahdoow