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Quiz: Car Terms That Will Make You Go Hmmmmm

Twelve questions to test your international motoring IQ

Man in button-up shirt with two hands on the steering wheel inside of a car driving in the daytime

Across the English-speaking world, there are dramatic differences between the words people use to describe cars, auto parts and street signs. For example, say “truck” in Britain and you might get some blank stares. (The preferred terminology: lorry.) How good are you at deciphering automotive jargon from places like England, India or Singapore? Take this quiz to find out.


0%–33%: Time to bone up on your British-isms by watching some classic episodes of Top Gear.

34%–70%: You can break down anywhere in the English-speaking world and you'll probably understand what your tow truck driver is saying.

71%–100%: Good show! You're an auto-linguistic dynamo.

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