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Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Cars?

Buckle up and test your smarts about cars and the people who build them

Hood of pink vintage car parked on grass

General knowledge about cars always comes in handy, whether it’s in the pub during quiz time or at the side of the road during a breakdown. Test yourself by trying our questions on subjects ranging from specific cars to engine parts.


80 to 100%: Congratulations! You're a true gearhead. Be sure to tell your doctor about the gasoline in your veins.

50 to 79%: Your grease-monkey status is secure.

Less than 50%: Good effort, but your car knowledge could use a tune-up.

More car quiz fun?

So you scored well on the above questions…but would you pass the G1 test if you took it today? Take our sample quiz to find out.

Image credit: unsplash