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Video: What You Need to Know About Charging EVs

We took the Chevrolet Bolt out on the town. Watch our video covering how to charge it, where to find charging stations and why its range is great for the city.

Close up of Chevy Bolt side with electric plug charged into where the gas tank traditionally is

While electric cars have been on the road for years, most Canadians have shied away from these vehicles. That’s largely because electric cars were either expensive or had a limited range. But Chevrolet says it has changed the course of these expectations with its recently released Bolt. The four-door compact is powered completely by electricity, can travel 380 kilometres on a single charge and costs less than $35,000 after Ontario’s provincial rebate. Chevy says those specs make the Bolt the first real electric car for the masses. We decided to put the vehicle to the test and see if the Bolt really is easy to charge and easy to drive.

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