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Illustration of a man in a suit behind a driving wheel with safety features by the rearview mirror

Tech Trends in Cars You Should Know About

New car features to keep you safe and enjoy the ride

Red classic Mustang standing still

What Your Favourite Sports Car Says About You

Have a thing for classic ’stangs or temperamental British coupes? Here’s our (cheeky) Freudian analysis.

Rows of cars and spectators at auto show

Navigate an Auto Show Like a Pro

Whether you’re heading to a massive showroom or an outdoor classic car event, keep these tips in mind

Student on the track at a racing school

Learn to Drive Like a Race-Car Driver

You can take to the track like a Formula One pro at one of these cool Canadian racing schools

Fiat dashboard

Five Features You'll Want in Your Next Vehicle

We test drive a lot of cars. We put that experience to use with a quick roundup of driving must-haves.

A young couple are looking at the camera. The man, who has a black beard and who is wearing a light blue button up shirt, has his arms around the woman. In his other hand, he is holding up a small, black rectangular key fob. The woman is wearing a beige-coloured blouse. Her curly black hair is swept up to one side. She has one hand on the man’s chest.

How OMVIC Protects Car Buyers When Shopping for a Used Car

If you’re in the market for a used car, make sure you know its history. Dealerships are required by law to fully disclose information about its condition and background.

Taking bids from crowd at classic car auction

Conquer Classic Car Auctions

A first-timer's guide to mastering an automobile auction from Terrance Lobzun of Collector Car Productions

Woman looking in window of car with for sale sign

How to Find the Best Used Car

Looking for a pre-owned vehicle? These expert pointers will help you avoid being saddled with a lemon.

Thief breaking into car

A Look at Auto Theft

The cars that are most appealing to thieves and how to protect your vehicle from being stolen

Illustration of clutch

What You Should Know About Transmissions

We compare and explain standard clutch and dual-clutch transmissions