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The Latest Tech Features on the New Cadillac XT6

To stand out in the market, Cadillac’s newest SUV has some unique options

A grey Cadillac XT6 is parked outside a home

Hear the word “Cadillac” and you immediately think of luxury. Which is why it’s no surprise that the Escalade is the vehicle of choice on the HBO hit Succession. Long known for their cool cars, Cadillac’s focus over the last few years has been on expanding their line of cool SUVs. The brand’s latest, the Cadillac XT6, includes innovative tech, a third row and starting price of $60,998. Check out these highlights.

The big picture: product information you should know about

A cellphone shows the features of the myCadillac app on its screen

Buyers have their choice between the XT6 Sport model, which has more performance options, and the XT6 Premium Luxury model, which puts more emphasis on, well, luxury. Those with smart homes can integrate the myCadillac app with Alexa or Google Home to unlock their vehicle and start it. This arguably only saves you a few seconds on a busy morning, but it’s a car feature that’s becoming more common.

The driving experience: XT6 performance details

A red Cadillac XT6 drives on a tree-lined road

A 3.6-litre V6 engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission and 310 horsepower is plenty of refined muscle for passing on the highway or navigating hilly back roads. Smooth around corners and over gravel, the XT6 is easy to drive, though it will feel a bit big if you’re used to a smaller vehicle.

A world of comfort: XT6 interior features

The Cadillac XT6's 8" touchscreen shows a map

Type A and B USB ports in all three rows keep everyone connected, and a wireless charging pad up front comes in handy. The infotainment system can be operated with either the 8-inch touchscreen or old-fashioned buttons, which are frankly less distracting. Set up an app-based user profile to save your radio station favourites. Front seats can be heated and cooled, and second-row passengers get heated seats as well.

Getting to the good stuff: XT6 safety tech

The night-vision camera on the dash shows the silhouette of a person and a dog

The XT6 comes with 15 standard driver-assist and safety features, including automatic emergency braking, parking assist and lane-keeping assist. Adding the enhanced visibility and technology package will get you another eight features, including surround vision for a bird’s-eye view and a surround-vision recorder, which captures video in a range around your car. The recorder feature turns on automatically if theft is suspected—if, say, a window is smashed in—which will in turn activate stolen-vehicle assistance (if you have OnStar) to help locate your vehicle using GPS. Once it’s safe to do so, an OnStar advisor can even remotely slow the vehicle down and turn it off.

But perhaps the most unique feature is the night-vision camera, which is displayed on the dash. Turn it on at dusk, and infrared sensors can help detect humans or animals that might wander in front of your vehicle. It doesn’t take the place of an attentive driver’s watchful eye, but it’s helpful for the unexpected.

Cadillac XT6 review: in a nutshell

Three grey Cadillac XT6 vehicles are parked outside a restaurant

Smooth and comfortable are the two big takeaways from a recent test drive through Quebec’s Iles de la Madeleine. GM has pledged $12 billion to overhaul and update the entire Cadillac lineup, and an electrified SUV is in the works, which shows they’re looking to hang on to—and expand—their foothold in the increasingly competitive luxury market. The XT6 should help, as Cadillac looks to youthful buyers who need room for seven passengers, but can’t stomach the idea of a minivan.

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Image credit: Courtesy of Cadillac, General Motors Canada