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Two people are standing in front of curved glass showcases that go from the floor to the ceiling. There is a person with silver hair wearing a black shirt, pants and shoes with a colourful print scarf. There is another person next to her wearing a light grey sports coat with a peach-coloured button up shirt, jeans and brown dress shoes. Both people are wearing masks.

Best Five Indigenous Art Galleries to See in Canada

Here are five places to indulge in majestic art collections of the First Nations people across the country

A snowy scene with the sun behind a couple. The woman has blonde hair and is wearing a pink coat and black snow pants. She has snowshoes on and is walking through the snow. Next to her is a man in a dark-coloured coat. He also has snowshoes on and is holding a black pole with one hand.

Four Romantic Trips in Ontario That Your Partner Will Love

Looking for a romantic getaway? Escape to one of these destinations with that special someone

A school-aged boy is sitting on the back of a couch looking out the window. There is another building off in the distance, as well as snow-covered tree branches in front of him. The room he’s sitting in has orange checkered curtains, as well as a rust-coloured couch with a matching pillow on one arm and a matching blanket strewn across teh couch.

The Best Four Winter Escapes You Should Stay at in Ontario

Here are four outdoor resorts to see and explore all the winter season has to offer

A man in a white button up shirt and black pants with a bow tie is holding hands with a woman in a long, flowing white dress with a veil. They are both looking at each other, as they stand on a dock. To the right side of them are seven small boats of various sizes docked in the water. Beyond that are homes with orange roofs.

6 Top Tips to Make Your Destination Wedding Perfect

Here are six things you need to consider when booking a wedding away from home

Five people are sitting on a ski lift with snow-capped mountains behind them. The first person is wearing a black helmet with a teal coat and neon yellow snow pants. The second person next to them is wearing a red coat, black snow pants and a red helmet. The person in the middle is wearing a checkered powder blue coat with pink snow pants and a white helmet. The fourth person is wearing a neon green coat with black ski pants and a black helmet. The last person is wearing a multi-coloured coat of neon yellow, teal and black with a matching helmet, and orange snow pants.

Four Best Trips to Take in Canada for Downhill Skiing

Here are four of the top downhill skiing destinations in Canada that will bring adventure to your winter getaway

The silhouette of two people is visible. They are looking at a spiral circle of lights that fade from blue to white to yellow to a light pink.

How Nightrise in Banff Celebrates its Connection to First Nations

With an immersive, deeply cultural and sensational experience, Banff’s new gondola attraction Nightrise aims to wow visitors while exploring its First Nations heritage

An overhead view of a table that's set up for a holiday meal. There are eight people around the table. There is some green pine branches set on the table with candles nestled in between the branches. There are also some holiday crackers on the table. Two people sitting across from each other are each holding onto one end of a holiday cracker.

5 Delicious Holiday Meal Ideas from Around the World

Get inspired during the holidays with fun and festive meals from around the world

Two people are standing looking out at an expansive body of clear blue water. One of the people is wearing a blue backpack. Next to them are moss-covered rocks.

5 Unique Tours in Canada from Extraordinary Explorations

Dreaming of an exciting getaway in 2022? Explore Canada’s scenic landscapes from coast to coast with five curated itineraries

Two women are resting against the side of a pool. Behind them is a brick wall and a taller building looms behind them.

Five Luxurious Spas in Canada for the Ultimate Relaxation

From indulgent body treatments to scenic views, these world-class spas across Canada offer a luxurious escape for your mind, body and soul