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Quiz: Do You Know More About the Country Than the Average Canadian?

Test your knowledge of Canada’s history, government and economy

Stunning view of Canadian landscape featuring mountains and trees reflected in a lake

So you aced part one of our Canada quiz. Now, challenge your Canadian IQ with these 12 questions inspired by Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s citizenship test study guide—with a few fun, quintessentially Canadian facts. Good luck, eh?



0­–33% Enthusiast. You may have little to no interest in Canadian trivia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all our great nation has to offer.   

34–66% Budding citizen. You’re not a repository of facts, but you’re on the road to full citizenship.

67–100% True Canuck. Whether you got the 75% score required to pass the real citizenship test or not, you’re a patriot in our books.  

Celebrate the Great White North

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Image credit: Pexels