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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About NHL Hockey History?

Get into the NHL season with our quiz on where the sport’s most iconic moments went down

Canadian hockey players engage in a group hug wearing white and red uniforms after a game behind the net
Hockey is a game of special places, from legendary arenas to plucky towns oozing with passion. Are you an expert in hockey’s most storied locations? Put on your lucky jersey and try your hand at this quiz.


0–33%: Hockey newbie. You might not know the difference between an apple and a biscuit, but you’ll watch the playoffs with your friends.

34–66%: Enthusiast. You don’t live and breathe the sport, but you know enough to weigh in on a draft-picks debate around the water cooler.

67–100%: Superfan. Summer is your least favourite time of year, and you can’t resist bidding on memorabilia—chances are your team’s logo is somewhere on your person right now. It goes without saying that you’re a walking encyclopedia of NHL trivia.

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Image credit: Melchior DiGiacomo/Getty