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Do You Know Which Apple Recipes Are Popular Around the World?

Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world with these sweet—and savoury!—delicacies, none of which are pie

An overhead photo shows apples sliced in half on a cutting board

Fall means it’s time to experiment with the seasonal bounty of apples. You’ve probably already mastered the classic apple pie or even the fancy upside-down French tarte tatin, so challenge your kitchen skills with recipes for these global favourites.

Luxembourg: Åppelkuch

Translating to “dainty apple cake,” this treat melds together a buttery dough base topped with apple slices and a sweet custard-like mixture when baked. A dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon—or sometimes apricot jam—add the finishing touch.

Denmark: Æblekage

This no-bake dessert presents as a trifle with layers of stewed Bramley apples, caramelized oats and whipped cream. Some recipes include dollops of redcurrant jelly, while others swap out the oats for crushed macaroons or toasted breadcrumbs.

Argentina: Apple empanadas

While empanadas are traditionally savoury, they cross over to the dessert table when stuffed with cinnamon and sugar-tossed apples, and sometimes, dulce de leche. These hand pies are best made with a tart variety like Jonagold, Cortland or Granny Smith.

Greece: Milopitakia

The name translates as “mini apple pies” and these stuffed cookies deliver on those traditional flavour notes. This means a filling of delicately spiced apple and chopped walnuts encased in shortcrust pastry rounds that are baked until lightly golden.

China: Apple, pear and pork rib soup

A bowl of this broth will soothe coughs and colds and score high on the taste scale as well. Wedges of the fruit— Honey Crisp or Fuji apples are the recommended varietals—are simmered along with pork ribs, honey dates and almond kernels to create the nourishing soup.

Hungary: Braised red cabbage with apple

Tart Granny Smith or Braeburn apples add sweet oomph to ribbons of vibrantly hued red cabbage as they cook slowly together with onions, spices and vinegar. Serve along with roasted meats (hello, Thanksgiving turkey!) or schnitzel for a truly Hungarian experience.

Japan: Wafuu curry

Hearty chicken curry is enriched with a mild sweetness thanks to grated—preferably Fuji—apples, which melt into the stew. Paired with warming spices, potatoes and carrots, this will become a comfort food favourite. Have plenty of steamed rice ready to serve it over.

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