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Discover a New Destination With These Podcasts

Grounded travellers, prepare to be enthralled with this selection of audio adventures

A woman is shown listening to a podcast on her phone with large white headphones

Find the coziest spot in your home and settle in for the best in armchair travel. Plus, one of these podcasts might spark ideas for your first trip when restrictions are lifted.

  • “Zero to Travel” for travel tips and inspiration
  • “The Extra Pack of Peanuts” for travel deals
  • “Travel in 10” for 10-minute adventures
  • “Field Recordings” to explore with your ears
  • “Strong Sense of Place” for the book enthusiasts
  • “Women Who Travel” for female travellers
  • “Armchair Explorer” for bucket list experiences


Travel tips and inspiration

Practical advice, inspiration and alternative perspectives can be found in the Zero to Travel Podcast. There are about 425 episodes in the catalogue, touching on a variety of topics in each of the weekly, hour-long shows, from curing the pandemic travel blues to adopting a digital nomad lifestyle.

Travel deals

Budget-conscious globetrotters will benefit from the frugal tips doled out in each episode of The Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast. Learn how to find cheap hotels or how to use frequent flyer miles. You’ll also hear from guests sharing their travel mishaps and life-changing experiences.

10-minute adventures

True to its moniker, Travel in 10 Podcasts are 10-minute episodes that briefly whisk listeners to the hippest places in Canada, as well as Cuba, Japan and beyond. There also videocasts that provide a more immersive feeling as you explore Fiji by boat or experience a snorkeling adventure during a five-day trip to Maui.

Explore with your ears

Field Recordings is a purely aural experience—no host involved. Pick from the meditative sounds of a summer thunderstorm in Italy’s North-Eastern Alps to chattering chickadees in downtown Toronto, Canada, or howling wolves in Portugal.

For the book enthusiasts

Love books and travel? Strong Sense of Place is the podcast is for you. Every two weeks, David Humphreys and Melissa Joulwan, a husband-and-wife host team, explore a single destination and then recommend five books set in that locale. The term “place” stretches to include restaurants, planes and the circus too.

For female travellers

Hosted by Condé Nast travel editors, Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, Women Who Travel is a podcast “for women, by women” that examines the realities of travelling as a woman. Recent episodes touch on travel in a post-pandemic world, including carrying immunity passports and re-learning how to meet new people.

Bucket list experiences

Armchair Explorer features documentary-style episodes that go from a 2,000-mile motorcycle ride through the Ho Chi Minh Trail to gorilla trekking in Rwanda, putting listeners right in the midst of the action. “The podcast episodes make me want to run out and find a new adventure,” wrote one reviewer.

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