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Four Cozy and Environmentally Conscious Retreats Across the Country

These resorts incorporate green practices into every aspect of your vacation

A remote resort with three or four storeys, and a circular area in the front. It is perched atop a rocky area and surrounded by trees behind it, where there is another building that his hidden in the trees. Around the rocky area is turquoise water.

There’s no need to sacrifice style or comfort when choosing a sustainable stay.

Here are four hotels in prime locations across Canada that keep the planet in mind while offering luxurious amenities and delectable dining options.

Humaniti Hotel
Montreal, Que.

Two queen sized beds are side by side in a room with crisp white sheets and pillows on each bed. There is a decorative grey pillow on each bed. There is a light wood headboard that spans the length of the room and around each bed. There are two mid-century modern style sunshine yellow chairs at the foot of the bed with a round white table between them. From the open window is a high rise building.

Located in the heart of downtown, Humaniti is part of the city’s first Smart Vertical Community. The entire complex is built to meet requirements of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, an internationally recognized symbol of sustainable achievement and leadership.

Featuring vegan toiletries and locally sourced spa products, this urban oasis is a great escape for the eco-conscious.

Wickaninnish Inn
Tofino, B.C.

An overhead view of two people sitting at a square wooden table. One person is holding a knife and fork and cutting into something on the round black plate. There is a small white plate next to the black plate with a silver butter knife on it. ON the opposite plate, is a salad. There is a hand holding a spoon. There are two glasses of water, and two glasses of an orange drink also on the table.

Set on the edge of a rocky cape overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this award-winning hotel keeps mother nature top-of-mind.

Most of the food in their restaurants is locally sourced, with scraps sent to an on-site composter.

The spa only uses high-quality, ecologically responsible products. Any unused toiletries are repurposed through the Soap For Hope Canada program, which recycles and redistributes the items to those in need.

1 Hotel Toronto
Toronto, Ont.

A view of a long, rectangular space with a rustic, picnic-style table in the middle of the room. There is a white lattice on each side and above the table. There are wooden benches on both sides of the table with a single square wooden stool at the head of the table. On the other side of the table are rows of stacked wooden planters with different varieties of greenery growing from them. There are also hanging baskets from the ceiling of the wooden lattice.

You’ll find sustainable details at every turn while staying at this eco-luxe retreat in Toronto’s core.

The hotel is dedicated to operating with zero-waste and partners with GreenPlanet to convert 100 percent of its kitchen oil and grease into biofuel to reduce their carbon footprint.

They also collaborate with the Toronto studio Just Be Woodsy, which creates furniture and art from fallen trees to bring the great outdoors inside.

Banff Aspen Lodge
Banff, Alta.

Two large beds in a hotel room. They are made with white sheets and four pillows on each bed, along with a small, rectangular brown throw pillow. At the foot of each bed is a brown blanket. Opposite of the beds is a oak table and next to it is an oak dresser. There is a black coffee machine sitting on a tray on top of one of the tables. In the corner is a small round table with two upholstered chairs. The sliding doors are open and the curtains are pulled back. There is a single person standing on the balcony. She is wearing a grey coat and black pants.

With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, this cozy, modern resort located in Banff National Park puts the planet first.

Their green initiatives include an enhanced recycling program, motion-sensor lighting, energy-efficient temperature controls and 100 percent biodegradable soaps in their rooms.

They also offer a guest environment incentive, so you can opt out of daily housekeeping and instead have a $4 donation made to the Banff Community Foundation, a charity initiating sustainable change in the region.

No matter where you choose to stay, be mindful of the environment and leave the natural areas you visit as unchanged as possible for future generations to enjoy.

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Image credit: Simone Mondino, Jeremy Koreski, Courtesy of Businesses