Five Ways to Discover Florida

Pinpoint your family’s ultimate Sunshine State vacation

Florida offers something for every kind of passion. There are so many places that offer epic adventure, blissful relaxation and great food and shopping. To help narrow it down, here’s how to satisfy five different travelling styles. (You may even see yourselves in all of them.)

Curious Nature Lovers

Are you wide-eyed and full of questions about the natural world and its furry and featured residents? If so, then your ultimate escape should offer a mix of education and thrills, opening your clan’s eyes to the nature of things. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment inspires guests to protect animals and the world around them through their exciting experiences.

Wild Adventurers

Around every corner is an opportunity for adventure, and you’re always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Sound like your family? Love wizards and pirates and crazy rides? Perfect. Discover what’s new and amazing (and in the works) at Universal Orlando Resort.

Limitless Dreamers

When your idea of the ultimate escape involves magic, beauty and imagination, your vacation should take you beyond reality and exceed all expectations. It should take you to different lands and galaxies. It should take you to Disney’s spectacular theme parks.

Avid Explorers
Wherever you go, you’re determined to see, do and taste it all. Your family leaves no rock unturned on any trip. If the thrilling amusement parks brought you to Florida, you know there’s even more out there. Find out how to make the most of your trip with Visit Orlando’s new app! (Now available in Google Play and iTunes.)

Coastline Lovers

Love sunsets, seafood and every water sport under the sun? What about golf, shopping and long strolls on the beach? If you’re looking for a warm welcoming retreat from the long Canadian winter, you just may find everything you’re looking for on the Emerald Coast.