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7 Safety Products for All Your Summer Adventures

Keep kids, pets and grown-ups alike secure with these handy items

Woman sitting in a white chair with a pink bikini on her phone while at the beach

When it comes to summer adventuring, safety should always come first. Before you head out into the great outdoors, make sure you’re prepared for what awaits you. Here are a few products that might come in handy this season.

Monitor sun exposure with a UV meter

iPhone opened to a UV meter app with a wearable UV tracker attachment 

When lounging outdoors this summer, keep tabs on how much sun you’re getting, your vitamin D levels and when you need to reapply sunscreen. This wearable UV tracker by QSun connects to a smartphone app so you can avoid harmful levels of sun exposure.

Light the way with a black and red LED lamp

Product shot of a rugged LED lantern

Whether you’re camping, cottaging or simply having a backyard barbecue, when the sun goes down, so does visibility. The panels on this rugged LED lantern from Coleman are removable, so they can be placed anywhere a little more light is needed.

Stay connected with a solar radio/charger

Product shot of weather-resistant radio in black with green details 

This weather-resistant radio by Eton does so much more than play sweet tunes. Use a hand crank or the solar panels to charge this multi-use machine, then tune into weather alerts, turn on its flashlight or recharge your cellphone using the USB port.

Prioritize pet safety with a dog life jacket

Product shot of a red and grey dog life jacket 

If your dog isn’t a strong swimmer, make sure he’s water-ready with his own flotation aid. Strapping Rover into this easy-to-spot Outward Hound life jacket with quick-release buckles and multiple rescue handles will make boating safer all around.

Make sure kids are cool with the eClip

Product shot of an eClip 

Fasten an eClip to your child’s car seat and never again be worried about them overheating on the hottest days (or the unthinkable: accidentally leaving them in the car). Connecting via a smartphone app, eClip monitors the back-seat temperatures and alerts you if you go more than 4.6 metres from your car to remind you to bring your child along.

Barricade yourself from bugs in a screen house

A dining tent with the sides up is set up in the woods by a lake 

If you live in Canada, you will have to contend with bugs at some point during the summer. Keep blackflies, mosquitoes and wasps at bay with Eureka’s fully screened pop-up room, which gives you space to enjoy the beauty of nature without the bites. Plus, it provides shelter from the sun’s hot, high-summer rays.

Prepare for (almost) anything with a Leatherman tool

Gloved hand holding a multi-purpose Leatherman tool 

Whether you’re pitching a tent or tackling an under-sink leak at the cottage, having a Leatherman Crunch handy could help get you out of a sticky situation. Outfitted with 15 tools, including a wire cutter and locking pliers, this multi-tool can fix a lot of problems.

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