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Quiz: Are You An Expert on the Great Canadian Outdoors?

Celebrate Canada Day with some trivia to test your knowledge of our country’s landscape and wildlife

A woman stands on a dock, admiring a lakefront view at the base of a mountain

See how your knowledge of Canada’s great outdoors stacks up.


0–33% The novice Canadian naturalist

It’s time to get out and explore the best of what Canada has to offer. Consider visiting a nearby park or conservation area that offers guided nature walks. You can learn a lot from these experts, and you’ll see Canada’s natural assets in a new light.

34–69% The casual Canadian naturalist

You enjoy a walk in the woods and watch the occasional nature documentary. Try expanding your horizons with a Canadian road trip this summer or exploring the great outdoors in a new region, province or territory.

70–100% The pro Canadian naturalist

You definitely paid attention in your geography and science classes, and you can identify native trees and birds by their Latin names. You’re ready to head into the backcountry for an extended foray in the Canadian wilderness.

Keep quizzing!

Feeling the trivia buzz? Find out if you know more about Canada than the average person.

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Image credit: Ben Waardenburg/Unsplash


A1. D. Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada.

A2. B. 12 forest regions and sub-regions can be found in Canada.

A3. D. Canada has nine species of pine trees, including lodgepole, limber and pitch.

A4. C. Rouge Urban National Park is the campground in Toronto.

A5. A. Grasslands National Park is the darkest of all dark-sky preserves in Canada.

A6. C. Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest national park in Canada and the second largest in the world.

A7. A. Canada’s Great Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world.

A8. C. Lake Superior is the largest of Canada’s Great Lakes.

A9. D. There are 82 mosquito species in Canada, but only the females bite.

A10. C. Canada has 400 to 500 bird species.

A11. C. Prince Edward Island is the only province where black bears do not live.

A12. A. The freshwater fish most commonly caught and kept by anglers in Canada is walleye.