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7 Water Toys That Will Make You a Hero This Summer

Take the party to the lake, the pool or even the ocean with these splashy accessories for all ages

A young girl giggles with delight while playing in a pool, swimming with a bright yellow pool ring

When prime summertime hits, you need to be ready. This season, get the party started with these floatable and fun products for everyone on your invite list.

For Moonlight Swimmers

Take the classic foam noodle up a notch and keep some flashy Light Up Pool Noodles on hand that illuminate with a flick of a button. The battery-powered LED lights are a colourful way to brighten up a nighttime dip.

For Sports Lovers (Ages 5+)

Kick off an aquatic b-ball match with a floating Coop Hydro Spring Hoops Basketball Game Set, accompanied with a basketball that’s easy to grip with wet hands. Pump up the set with air for instant action or deflate for storage when the season is over.

For Parents Who Like to Float While Supervising

The Oversized Inflatable Cooler Couch (ideal for ages 12 and up) is a king-sized inflatable throne that will anoint you the boss of any pool party. Perched high above the splash pad, luxuriate in comfort while eyeballing the youngsters playing in the waves. There are dual cup holders, as well as a built-in cooler that stores cans and ice.

A young woman in a blue and white bikini on an inflatable lounge chair

For Kids (Ages 5+) Learning to Love the Water

The Diving Masters Sharkpedo Underwater Gliders zip through the water, enticing swimmers to race ’em or chase ’em below the water’s surface. They’re also super easy to propel forward: just submerge and throw them like darts. Toss in a handful of easy-to-grab SwimWays SquiDivers to get kids comfortable with diving.

For the Underwater Explorers

This snorkelling set has the essentials for exploring—mask and breathing tube—and is available with matching flippers in both adult and youth sizes. For those who don’t like to get their faces wet, strap on a full-face snorkelling mask that’s tubeless and makes breathing easy, and includes a GoPro mount to record your aquatic adventures.

For Adults Who Love Game Night

Bring your best poker face to the pool with the Texas Hold ’Em Pool Poker Game. The kit includes poker chips, waterproof playing cards, four inflatable loungers, and a floating table with built-in chip storage and cup holders. Perfect for summer days and nights, you can take a quick dip before your next hand is dealt.

For the Ultimate Lake Splurge

Inflate the ginormous eight-sided Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer Water Trampoline in the lake, and you’ve got a ready-made aquatic playground. Add more thrills by attaching slides, logs and blasters. It’s a splurge at over $1,000, but the kids will be jumping for joy all summer.