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Drool-Worthy Motorcycle Gear

From a heated jacket to an LED-emblazoned helmet, here are our top sartorial picks for the summer

Rider in motorcycle gear

Synergy 2.0: Heated Jacket Liner by Tour Master

Stay comfortable for longer in cooler weather with some heated gear. Tourmaster makes high-quality heated clothing, including gloves and boot insoles, but if you only get one thing, make it a heated jacket liner. It’s thin and takes no more space than a sweater, but creates heat to keep your body’s core warm. It wires directly to your bike’s 12-V battery and has an adjustable temperature control.
Price: $320

Skwal: A High-Tech Helmet by Shark

The first full-face commercially available helmet to include integrated LED lighting strips, so you can look good but also be better seen at night by other road users. The lights are powered by a rechargeable micro-USB-connected battery and turn on at the touch of a button. The Skwal comes in a variety of painted designs and includes a flip-down sunshield inside the visor. It can also be fitted with the Sharktooth communication system for connecting to Bluetooth devices.
Price: starting at $280

XG-791 Mesh: Cool Gloves by Xelement

When it’s hot, you must still wear all the gear, all the time, to protect from the asphalt, and that includes gloves. But don’t sweat it with this pair of summer gloves. They have mesh on the back to allow cooling air against your hands and leather on the palms to keep your grip firm. The XG-791 mesh gloves also include fleece on the outer hand to wipe rain from your visor, and an adjustable cuff.
Price: $40 

Prattville Regular Jeans: Everyday pants by Dainese

Most riders wear jeans on their bikes, but normal jeans are next-to-useless as protection against road rash. Dainese makes several different styles of jeans for men and women with Kevlar (a strong synthetic fibre) interwoven through the denim, so they look good but are as durable and comfortable as textile riding pants. Knee pockets allow hard protectors to be inserted if you’re serious about taking corners.
Price: $240

Cooling Bandana: A Handy Scarf by Lee Valley Tools

It’s not specifically for motorcyclists, but riders love a cooling bandana on a hot day, worn under your jacket’s neck liner. Lee Valley Tools makes one of the best, with special crystals sewn into the loop that expand to absorb cool water from a tap or stream, but then don’t allow the water to drip onto your skin. It keeps your blood flow cool as the water evaporates slowly through the day, letting you concentrate on the road. Wear it off the bike, too!
Price: $13

*Member tip: CAA South Central Ontario stores sell the very similar Iceman Ice Scarf with discounts for CAA Members.