Quiz: Are You a Canadian Winter Expert?

Test your smarts on our country’s legendary season

Quiz: Are You a Canadian Winter Expert?

It’s no secret that Canadians fancy themselves experts when it comes to winter. After all, the season can last five—or even six—months depending on where you live. From the coldest day in Canadian history to the biggest snowfall, find out how much you actually know about the chilly weather.


0–33% correct: Snow Bird

You’re more of a summer person. Whether you spend the winter down south or watching the snowfall from the comfort of your own home, rest assured that warmer weather is on its way (eventually).

34–66% correct: The Sometime Snowshoer

You enjoy the odd toboggan with the family or a skate on an outdoor ice rink with your sweetheart, but you don’t need to know everything there is to know about the snowy season. Get a hot cuppa, bundle up and enjoy winter your way!

67–100% correct: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

You’re checking the weather while sipping a hot chocolate at a ski lodge, aren’t you? You’ve got this Canadian winter thing down. Celebrate by getting out there and enjoying the riches this season has to offer!

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