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These 5 Gadgets Will Make Your Winter Better

From heated socks to music-playing earmuffs, these gizmos will keep you warm while you romp through the snow

The hands of two people are seen, both clad in grey gloves, jackets and scarves as they tap away on their smartphones

Winter is coming. And if you’re like many people, you’re probably wondering if you can get away with hibernating for the next three months. But fear not. With the right gear, even the most cold-averse can have epic outdoor adventures this winter.

For those who want to stay warm on the go, try Ororo Heated Jacket

Keep the cold at bay with this high-tech jacket from apparel maker Ororo. The coat features a rechargeable battery that powers heating elements on the chest and back. With three heat settings, it’s ideal for the wild temperature swings of early winter.

Product shot of the Ororo Heated jacket in black with charging accessories 

For those who can’t put their phones down, try Moshi Digits

We’ve all been there. You’re on the slopes and it’s -20˚C, but you really, really want to check your Instagram feed. Enter these top-rated gloves from Moshi. Grips on the palm allow you to clasp your phone, while special fibres on the fingertips make flipping through your best friend’s beach vacation pics a breeze.

An Apple ipad is seen, with a gloved hand wearing Moshi Digits gloves in grey tapping on an app icon 

For those who love their music, try 180s Bluetooth Headphone Earmuffs

Forget having to choose between your tunes and your extremities. These Bluetooth-compatible headphones are swaddled in an ear-warming—and water-resistant—fleece. With up to eight hours of charge, they’ll let you get down to your jams whether you’re hiking through the bush or chilling après-ski.

Product shot of black 180s Bluetooth earphone Earmuffs 

For those who enjoy toasty toes, try Lenz Heat Socks

Say goodbye to cold feet with these cutting-edge pull-ups. Each sock comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that bathes your toes in electric warmth. At $350, they’re not cheap. But techies will love them; their three heat settings can be controlled via an app on your cellphone.

Product shot of high rise Lenz Heat Socks in black with lithium-ion battery packs 

For those who want to keep the heat in, try the Savior Ritzy Heated Hat

This high-tech hat is perfect for those winter camping trips when your beanie just isn’t enough. It features two heat packs—powered by a rechargeable battery—that deliver up to six hours of soothing warmth. And don’t worry about your melon becoming too toasty; the Savior has three different heat settings that you can easily change according to your preference.

Product shot of a black beanie, the Savior Ritzy Heated hat 

Ready to make the most of the cold weather?

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