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Prepare a Picnic to Transport You Around the World

Recreate the magic of international travel with authentic snacks and drinks from around the world. No passport required!

Two hands holding out a bright orange plate with five crispy falafels on the side, with a lemon cut in half on the side, with two round bowls with dip, one that is white and one that is yellow with green in it.

Want to take your senses on a trip around the world—without leaving home? Experience a culinary adventure with a curated picnic of globally inspired goodies. Here are some signature dishes to try from five destinations around the world.

Caribbean flavours

A small green and black bowl filled with banana chips that are spilling over onto the table.
Channel some irie vibes with an island-style picnic featuring a batch of spicy jerk chicken to pair with a side of rice and peas. Or snack on some crunchy banana chips, flaky beef patties and sweet tamarind balls, which can be washed down with homemade tropical fruit punch or a bottle of Ting, a flavourful Caribbean soda.

An Italian spread

A wooden tray piled with some chunks of grilled bread, cured meats like prosciutto and cheese.

Prepare a colourful spread of Italian antipasto and imagine you’re picnicking under the Tuscan sun. Dine alfresco on focaccia bread, olives, prosciutto and caprese salad made with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. To drink, enjoy a refreshing bottle of sparkling San Pellegrino mineral water or a San Benedetto iced tea.

A tangy taste of India

A white bowl filled with crispy vegetable pakora and an orange dipping sauce next to it in a separate white bowl.

Bite-sized Indian finger foods are easy-to-eat for a summertime spread. Tuck into crispy vegetable pakora, savoury samosas, masala vada (lentil fritters) and tandoori chicken pieces with an assortment of sweet-and-tangy chutneys, raita and spicy curry sauces. Mix a batch of mango lassi or iced chai tea to accompany your open-air feast.

The aromatic spices of Lebanon

A plate with crispy falafels with a side of a green chopped salad with a small pepper next to it and a bowl of white dip.

Escape across the Mediterranean Sea with an array of authentic Lebanese meze. Pack your hamper with grilled lamb skewers, crispy falafels and Arab-inspired dips like creamy labneh and baba ghanoush. If you want to add some greens, assemble a fattoush salad (crispy pita, lettuce, tomato and cucumber) tossed in a zesty lemon, garlic and sumac dressing. A chilled glass of fragrant rose water (sharab ward) makes the perfect post-meal refreshment.

Vietnamese street food

A square dish with a single shrimp placed in the middle with its tail up surrounded by some sliced fruits and vegetables.

Vietnamese bánh mì, a common street food in Ho Chi Minh City, are the perfect hand-held sandwiches for a picnic. Slice a crusty baguette lengthwise and top with savoury meats and pâté, crunchy pickled vegetables, cilantro, fresh chillies and aioli mayonnaise. For a lighter option, try a shrimp and mango salad (gỏi xoài) or vegetarian-friendly spring rolls (gỏi cuốn) stuffed with tofu, vermicelli, lettuce and mint leaves wrapped in soft rice paper. Finish by sipping on Vietnamese iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk.

Classic Canadiana fare

A close up of a pile of ketchup chips.

You can of course pack your picnic with flavours close to home. Poutine, made with cheese curds from Quebec and loaded with gravy is a quintessential Canadian dish, as is a Montreal-style bagel with peameal bacon. And for dessert, butter tarts and Nanaimo bars are a sweet treat. And don’t forget the ketchup chips!

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