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Talking to the Amazing Jann Arden About Her New TV Show

The singer-songwriter takes a break from touring to star in ‘Jann’ on CTV

Jann Arden promo shot

After years of guest appearances on The Rick Mercer Report, Workin’ Moms and Wynonna Earp, singer-songwriter Jann Arden is ready to take the lead in her own series. The Juno Award winner recently wrapped filming on Jann, a semi-autobiographical sitcom whose first episode is available online ahead of the CTV premiere on March 20.

We spoke to Arden in Calgary about her best travel tips, favourite destinations and the importance of always being kind.

Jann Arden performs on a small stage at a farmer's market 

CAA: What are some of your favourite Canadian travel destinations?

JA: I love the Maritimes; Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, it’s just unbelievable. Newfoundland, Cape Breton; Halifax is an amazing city. I’ve travelled so extensively in Canada, I’ve probably been to bar more places than any of the prime ministers.

CAA: And across the border?

JA: I love Palm Springs. I can hop on a plane and be there in two and a half hours. It’s so dog friendly; my dog can go to any restaurant and sit with me. Now I’m sounding like a crazy cat lady!

CAA: What about your favourite getaway?

JA: My friend Nigel has a cottage in Dorset, England, that’s 250 years old. I don’t drink, but I’ll walk up to the pub with him and have a 7Up and sit there on these hills and look at the sheep and the sea and just marvel at it.

CAA: What are some of your golden rules on the road?

JA: You have to be patient and be kind. People that work in the travel industry and service industry didn’t lose your bag. They didn’t make your flight late. They didn’t make it rain. I think kindness goes a long way when you’re travelling.

CAA: Any other travel tips?

JA: Make sure you’ve got snacks, nuts and an extra charger. I always carry one in my bag. If you’re sitting on the tarmac for two or three hours, you can play games on your phone, text friends and family, and stay in the loop, but you have to have an extra power source. That’s big for me; I don’t go out without it. I could probably power myself for four days if I needed to.

Don’t be running around in an airport looking for an outlet. There are 10,000 people in an airport at any given time trying to look for the same thing. Buy a power source! Then just relax. Just have snacks. But especially patience and kindness.

Take Jann’s tips to heart!

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Image credit: Alkan Emin and courtesy of Bell Media