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Andrew Younghusband Shares His On- and Off-Road Experiences

The host of Don't Drive Here and Canada's Worst Driver — Canada’s Dean of Bad Driving—talks about past trucks, unforgettable drives and food overseas

Andrew Younghusband on back of truck

Andrew Younghusband was 27 when he got his driver’s licence. Since then, the host of Canada’s Worst Driver and Don’t Drive Here has become a seasoned road warrior and traveller. The St. John’s-raised television personality shares a few of his on- and off-road experiences.

CAA Tell us about your first truck.

AY It was a 1994 Ford Ranger. When I saw the ad I called the seller, and he said, “I’m in your neighbourhood, so I’ll swing by and you can take it for a test drive.” I didn’t have my licence yet, so I had to get a roommate to take the wheel. Within a couple of weeks, I had a job back in Newfoundland. I had the truck, but I still needed my licence. Everything was so tight—if I had failed my driver’s test I would really have been up a creek.

CAA You were living in Vancouver at the time. How was the drive to Newfoundland?

AY Well, it was a good thing my mother gave me a CAA Membership. The clutch on that truck was paper-thin and it blew out somewhere near Timmins, Ont. I still have a picture of the CAA tow truck hauling it off while I waited four days for a clutch.

CAA What other vehicles have you owned?

AY I once had this little Nissan four-cylinder truck. A friend of mine said, “I like your truck. Does it come in Men’s?”

CAA Of all the drives you’ve been on, is there one in particular you’ll never forget?

AY I drove to California last December and the stretch through Utah was absolutely mind-blowing, just staggeringly gorgeous. There are so many national parks but since it was December, it was empty. I love pulling into a parking lot that takes like a thousand cars and there are only four people there.

CAA Tell us about the food you’ve had when you travel for Don’t Drive Here.

AY The street food in Delhi was fantastic. There were spicy hot curries and stuff that I truly found unidentifiable. Even if I didn’t know what it was, if there was a lineup, I got in it!

CAA You’re a brave man.

AY That’s part of the fun. I don’t want to go to another culture and then eat a hamburger at the hotel.