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Quiz: Are You an Expert on the First Jumbo Jet?

You recognize the hump. Now here are some other things about the Boeing 747 that may surprise you.

Aerial view of a Boeing 747 on the ground

With its massive engines, six-storey tail, and, of course, that iconic hump, the Boeing 747 is one of the most recognizable airplanes in the world. Now in its sixth decade of service, the plane revolutionized air travel for generations of North Americans. So how much do you really know about this fabled aircraft? Take this quiz to find out.

How well do you know the world’s first jumbo jet? Find out whether (or not) you’re up on your 747 history.

If you got:

0 to 30%: That was a bumpy ride. To brush up on the history of the 747, check out this link.

31 to 70%: You nailed that landing! All those visits to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum are paying off.

71 to 100%: Are you a pilot? Because you just flying-aced that quiz.

Get the plane facts

Find out what made the 747 special and learn why it’s retiring after five decades of service in the summer 2018 issue of CAA Magazine.

Image credit: Andrew Holt/Getty Images