Quiz: Do You Really Know What Can Fly With You?

12 questions to test your airport security smarts

Quiz: Do You Really Know What Can Fly With You?

Most travellers have reached the front of the security line, only to remember they are carrying a half-full bottle of water that now has to be chugged. Before hopping on a plane this holiday season, take this quiz to see how much you really know about what you can bring on board.

(Hint: all answers are based on what is permitted on flights within Canada, in accordance with federal government regulations.)


0–33% correct: Forgetful flyer

We have a feeling you’ve had to leave one or two things with airport security. But don’t despair; the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has a search engine to help you figure out what you can and cannot bring on a plane. Visit their What Can I Bring page to study up.

34–66% correct: Semi-frequent flyer

You’ve got your travel-sized deodorant and toothpaste (stored in a clear plastic bag, of course), but every once in a while, you forget to finish your coffee before reaching the scanner. If you find yourself wondering if something is permitted on board, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority answers questions about items not listed on their website via their Facebook and Twitter account (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST Monday through Friday).

67–100% correct: Security savant

You know the drill: you’ve put liquids under 100 millilitres in a clear plastic bag, you’ve removed your jacket, and your laptop is out of your bag and placed in its own bin. It’s smooth sailing through security for you! If you want to up your security game, download the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Breeze Through Security app.

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