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Why You Need to Buy These Travel Tech Wearables

How packing these three items can improve your next holiday

A person browsing on their Apple watch with one hand that's secured to their opposite wrist with a white band

Wearable tech is changing the way we travel, making it easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Here are three smart items you’ll want to welcome aboard on your next trip—and that you might enjoy using even when you’re not on the go.

Enjoy quiet time with Kokoon’s adjustable headphones

Toddlers are cute, but not when you’re sharing a red-eye with one. Tune out the tantrums with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Kokoon designs sleep headphones with sensors to measure your EEG brain activity and adjust white noise and audio accordingly. From the chattering of a two-year-old to the whistles of a train, external sounds are on mute, so you can arrive chipper and ready to go.

Close up of person holding a pair of sleek Kokoon adjustable headphones 

Where to buy: kokoon.io

Navigate in a flash with the Apple Watch 3 smartwatch

With every convenience at the turn of a wrist, the Apple Watch 3 is one gadget you won’t want to travel without. From researching restaurants to tracking your steps, getting from A to Z has never been easier. Download the Citymapper app before you leave if you want to get around your destination like a local. Just tell the app where you want to go, and it will suggest the best route and mode of transport to get you there, whether buses or bikes.

An Apple watch on a black band set to the clock and an Apple watch on a rose gold band displaying a phone call 

Where to buy: The Apple Store or Apple’s website.

Carry necessities in the Pacsafe Transit: a jacket of all trades

Travel even lighter with the Pacsafe Transit jacket, which has a dozen built-in pockets designed for your sunglasses, phone, tablet, passport and wallet. There’s even a hood that’s long enough to double as an eye mask. Unlike other travel wear, the jackets are designed with invisible pockets for a streamlined look. Plus, they’re made with RFID-blocking material, so your credit cards and IDs are virtually invisible to would-be thieves while they’re zipped inside.

A man tucks his passport and boarding pass into the interior pocket of his PacSafe Transit jacket 

Where to buy: Find both men’s and women’s styles at your local CAA Store.

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