The Travel Insurance You Could Be Missing

Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage can help you out if you're forced to call off travel plans

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Most travellers know they should buy travel medical insurance if they’re heading outside the province or the country. But there are two other types of lesser-known coverage that are vital for any vacation: trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. Here are six reasons why the coverage is so important.

1. Trip cancellation insurance can bail you out if you have to cancel your trip

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Vacations aren’t cheap, and while most go off without a hitch, there’s a chance you might have to call yours off at the last minute. That’s where trip cancellation insurance can be a big help. It will reimburse you for vacation-related expenses that might not be refundable, like plane tickets and hotel stays.

2. Trip cancellation insurance covers an array of potential vacation-ending problems

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If you or a family member get sick and can’t travel, trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you. But medical emergencies aren’t the only holiday-ending events that it covers. You’ll also be safeguarded if you lose your job, authorities issue a travel advisory for your destination, your travel provider goes bankrupt, you misplace your passport en route to the airport and even if you’re called in for jury duty.

3. Trip interruption insurance helps guard against problems after you’ve left home

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Travel can be unpredictable. From weather-related delays to family emergencies, many things can derail your vacation. That’s why it’s important to have trip interruption insurance. It will pay for your flight home in the event of a calamity, and cover meals and accommodation if you miss a flight because of bad weather. 

4. You might already have travel insurance, but it won’t necessarily include trip cancellation and interruption coverage

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Many Canadians have travel insurance through their credit cards or as part of their employment benefits. But not all policies cover trip cancellation and interruption. (And if they do, it’s often limited coverage.) Experts recommend that you contact your insurance provider and ask them what they cover.

5. CAA is a one-stop shop for all your travel insurance needs

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If you want emergency medical benefits, plus coverage for flight accidents, lost or delayed baggage, and trip cancellation and interruption, look no further than CAA. CAA Travel Insurance offers two travel insurance plans: one for single trips and another for multiple holidays. Plus, CAA coverage provides you with customer assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

6. You can save on travel insurance with CAA

CAA Members save 10% discount on travel insurance. For more information, call 1-877-216-8222 or visit CAA South Central Ontario’s travel insurance website

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