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Why It's Still Important to Get Travel Insurance for Short Trips

Even if you’re staying within Canadian borders, you’re going to want the coverage

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With the Covid-19 pandemic still a reality, many Canadians have decided to spend their upcoming holidays exploring the Great White North. But even if you stay within Canadian borders, and even if your trip is short, it's still important to have travel insurance.

Why is it important to have coverage while visiting the rest of Canada?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers clinic visits and hospital stays when you're in another province. But it won't include ambulance services, some prescription drugs and private hospital or facility fees. Some places may also charge you up-front for medical care and OHIP may not reimburse you for everything you pay out of pocket. CAA Travel Insurance solves all those problems. Subject to your policy maximums, it will cover emergency dental expenses, ambulance services, emergency hospital care and diagnostic services, like lab tests and x-rays.

Travel insurance will make getting medical care easier, even in Ontario

For many, minor ailments are an expected part of cottage season. Hands up if you've ever missed a step and twisted an ankle, or had your child come back from the woods with an itchy rash. Most of the time, that would mean a trip to a clinic. But not if you have a CAA Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance plan. Certain policy holders, such as those with an Annual Plan, are eligible for up to four virtual medical appointments with a Canadian doctor within Ontario and other provinces. Along with being convenient, that can help you avoid medical centres, and possible long wait times in an emergency room.

Travel insurance will cover short-term rentals

Emergency medical coverage isn't the only benefit of travel insurance plans. Certain policies will also reimburse you for non-refundable prepaid expenses—like hotels and rental cars—if you're forced to cancel a trip or end it prematurely due to an unforeseen reason. CAA Travel Insurance has extended that coverage to short-term rental approved platforms, like Airbnb, Vrbo and TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals. That will allow you to book just about any accommodation you can think of with peace of mind.

Get more with CAA

CAA has an abundance of travel insurance plans. Visit caasco.com/short-trips to find one that's right for you. Members save 10 per cent. And if you're envisioning more than one getaway, check out CAA’s multi-trip annual plans—you could save even more.

Terms and conditions

CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, a CAA Company. Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. A Medical Questionnaire is required if you are 60 years of age and older.

CAA Assistance is provided by Active Care Management Inc. Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance availability may vary depending on geographical location, mobile device connectivity and current emergency medical condition. In-Province virtual assistance is limited to four (4) calls per insured per policy term. Subject to change without notice. See full policy for all terms and conditions at caasco.com/policy.

 * Applies to CAA Members in good standing with dues paid in full by membership expiry date. 10% savings applies to the total premium excluding applicable taxes. Minimum premium applies. Excludes Visitors to Canada Insurance.

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