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Shop These Five Travel Accessories with RFID Protection

These RFID-blocking products can help keep your information safe

Three brand logos on a white background: Pacsafe, Austin House and Swiss Gear.

Courtesy of Zoe Rod

Chances are you’re already familiar with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology—it enables “tap and go” payments and keyless entry and ignition in some vehicles. It’s even being used in the new ePassports. 

RFID technology makes life convenient, but as with all chip-enabled data transmission, keeping your identity secure is vital. Do it in style, effortlessly, with these RFID-blocking accessories.

A black backpack with multiple pockets and a water bottle holder in front of a blue background.

Pacsafe® Metrosafe LS450 Anti-Theft 25L Backpack 
Member: $233.99 Non-member: $259.99 
This backpack boasts proven anti-theft security measures (slash-proof material, lockable zippers and RFID blocking pockets), interior compartments for stashing gear and a commitment to sustainability (it’s made from 10 recycled bottles).

A dark blue fanny pack with yellow zippers and black straps in front of a beige background.

Pacsafe® Go Anti-Theft Sling Pack 
Member: $71.99 Non-member: $79.99 
Besides being theft proof, with RFID blocking pockets and material, this bag (available in two colours) is water-resistant.

Three translucent card sleeves fanned out on a yellow background.

Austin House Set of 3 Card Sleeves with RFID Protection 
Member: $3.99 Non-member: $4.49 
Spend less time searching for cards, thanks to the colour-coding on these card sleeves, which fit easily into a wallet.

A black bi-fold wallet with a black zipper and a grey wrist strap.

Pacsafe RFIDsafe® V100 RFID Blocking Bi-fold Wallet 
Member: $44.99 Non-member: $49.99 
Secure against scan scams and cut-and-runs, this wallet has a wrist strap that auto-tightens if it’s snatched or dropped. The convenient exterior zip pocket means no more fumbling for change.

A black key fob holder with a black and silver key fob beside it.

Swiss Gear RFID Car Key Signal Blocker 
Member: $15.99 Non-member: $19.99 
This handy two-compartment case prevents key cloning (yes, that’s a thing). The Velcro closure enables quick access, and basket-weave polyester provides a tough but elastic exterior.

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