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5 Quirky Accessories That Will Step Up Your Travel Adventures

These off-the-wall inventions will help you make a statement on the road—but still manage to come in handy

A man rides a suitecase that folds out into a scooter

Every globetrotter needs a practical set of accessories. But travel is also about having fun. So, on your next trip, why not bring along some of these quirky inventions*? They may not replace your trusty multi-pronged power adapter or RFID-blocking wallet, but they’ll definitely turn some heads.

Get a heads up on your bag’s arrival with Head Case

Finding your suitcase on the baggage carousel can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. (Why are they all black?) Enter online retailer Firebox.

Suit case by Head Case with man's angry face on the suitcase 

The company will print a photo of your face on a durable piece of polyester spandex. Just stretch it over your suitcase and voila—baggage claim bliss.

Where to buy: Firebox 

Enjoy a first-class experience in economy with carry-on cocktail kits

In an era of no-frills travel, this collection from W&P Design is the perfect salve for mixed-drink connoisseurs.

W&P Carry on Cocktail Kit laid out with recipe card, syrup, mixing spoon and metal cup 

Each tin carrying case contains a muddler, mixes and all the other tools you’ll need to make two bevvies at 35,000 feet. While booze isn’t included—you’ll have to get that on board—kits are available for a range of drinks, from a gin and tonic to a bloody mary.  

Where to buy: W&P Design or Indigo 

Tune out the world with the OstrichPillow Light

Light sleepers of the world, rejoice. This combination neck pillow and eye mask—made by the company that brought you the Original OstrichPillow—is designed to shelter nappers from the sights and sounds of the outside world. Lightweight and reversible, it could be a great addition to your travel kit—if you can put up with the occasional snicker it will elicit.

A man snoozes against the wall wearing the plush OstrichPillow Light over his eyes 

Where to buy: ostrichpillow.com

Freshen up in any destination with Big Big Body Wipes

Whether you’re roughing it in the bush or finding one-ness at Burning Man, sometimes showering just isn’t possible. That’s where these human-sized wet wipes, also from online retailer Firebox, come in. More than a metre long, they’ll reputedly scour off days’ worth of mud, grime and sweat.

A package of Big Big Body Wipes is seen, the packaging advertising 1.1m large wipes 

(If all the Big Big Body Wipes have been snatched up, try bamboo-fibre Epic Wipes, which are slightly smaller but just as refreshing.)

Where to buy: Firebox (Big Big Body Wipes); epicwipes.com (Epic Wipes) 

Stay on the go with Micro Luggage

Tired of trekking through airports? You’ll love this combination suitcase-scooter from Micro, a scooter maker.

Two men are seen riding the Micro Luggage bag that holds out into a miniature scooter 

A telescoping handle and retractable aluminum deck transform what looks like a normal piece of carry-on luggage into your personal shuttle service. Capable of holding up to 100 kilograms, Micro Luggage can also double as a trolley for your larger bags.

Where to buy: kickboard.ca

*Products are not available at CAA Stores. 

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