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Trust CAA Travel Consultants With Your Post-Covid Travel Plans

Travel smartly and safely with consultants equipped with knowledge to sweat the small stuff, while you focus on the fun stuff

Two people, a man in a white button up shirt and a hat, and a woman in a striped orange, blue and white sleeveless top wearing masks taking a selfie with her cellphone.

More than a year has passed since planes were grounded and borders were closed to travel, forcing most of us—and our travel plans—to a stand-still. Now, as the world begins to open up again and travel gets the longed-for green light, planning a trip may feel overwhelming in a whole new way. But luckily, CAA Travel Consultants are ready to help guide you with planning and enjoying your next adventure.

When it comes to travel health and safety, Travel Call Centre supervisor Arthur Auyeung says that frequent hand-washing and social distancing are the best ways to stay safe. But staying on top of different safety protocols and entry requirements—both of which are constantly evolving—is vital, too. That’s where your CAA Travel Consultant comes in, with all the knowledge and know-how needed upfront so you don’t have to search for it yourself.

All CAA Travel Consultants have enhanced their training using the Travel SMART program, which equips CAA Travel Professionals with advice, experience and information to streamline your journey. That way, they can stay on top of shifting government requirements, public health guidelines and travel supplier protocols.

“It helps our consultants navigate the intricacies of the post Covid-19 travel world,” Auyeung says. “It provides a foundation of knowledge to our CAA travel professionals and regular updates on any new developments.”

The CAA Travel SMART program helps experts learn the ins and outs of changes to each segment of the travel industry, operational changes due to Covid-19 and the role that Global Affairs Canada plays in the safety of Canadian travellers abroad.

Without an experienced consultant on your side, planning a trip post-pandemic can be overwhelming and time consuming.

“Travelling is exciting and something we all look forward to getting back to,” Auyeung says, “but it is important we do it safely.”

Ready to Go?

CAA Travel Consultants can help you plan the perfect trip—and navigate pandemic-related restrictions. Visit CAA Travel for more information.

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